Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Whangarei Winter 200

The Whangarei Winter 200 is an annual endurance race running for 200 minutes. It will be run with M03 chassis again for a second year in a row.

Stay tuned for more details and an entry form.

Also, Check out the new website at: Whangarei Winter 200

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stock Batteries: Why are they Nicad?

Because stock is essentially about running a class which is easy to start in. With Nicads, you can charge them off a 12v car battery using a direct connection. NB: I am not recommending this. They stand up to relative abuse that NIMH doesn't and this abuse would cause NIMH to vent.

Also, It keeps the class even. as everybody is limited by batteries which when compared are quite similar. The Abuse that we put our batteries through is quite horrendous. when you look at the recommended charge rate for a 1300mah, 130mah, and figure out that we are charging at 34 times that and then figure out that we are discharging them at about 15 amps, you realize that what ever battery you have will not last long. But NICADs do it the Best. When my father and I came back to racing, the only batteries we had were 1200mah Sanyo Nicads that were 16 years old from when my father raced originally. These had been discharged and well looked after while he was racing, but afterwards they had been sitting in an attic for 12 years and then under a damp house for another 2. We cycled these, with a slow charge rate and they came back to life. These cells then went on to last us another 8 months.

If these had been Nimh, and yes I know Nimh were not around in those days, they would be heavy paperweights.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Sealed Brushed Motors, How to look after them

To keep your silvercan raceworthy, you should keep it regularly cleaned and the bushes oiled. To keep its performance in that just run in state, I also recommend cleaning the comm with some brasso, and to actually run the motor whilst you are doing this, as it brings it up sparkling. The cleaner your motor is the faster it will be, and you will get even better results from it.

The motor will last longer and also if not geared to high, it will be in better condition for torque and be able to give you better push out on the racetrack.

Depending on track layout, the motor will need a FDR of about 4.1 - 3.9, lower number if the track is wide open with few tight bends and higher if the track is tight and twisty like last the WRCCC meet.

You also want to make sure that you break the motor in properly, by following some of the methods posted on this blog.

With several different methods of doing this, it is up to the individual racer to choose how he or she likes to break the motor in. There is no set way of doing it and also, motors are not all the same.

Happy Racing, and I hope to see you at Whangarei Radio Controlled Car Club sometime in the future.
Hi all,

Wrccc are racing on the 8th of March at Tikipunga.

Classes for Points are:

Other classes run if sufficient numbers are available:

To find out more about our club, have a look at the website: Whangarei Rc Car Club

Friday, January 30, 2009

Cyclone S Diff's

So recently, when my diff needed it, I decided to replace the pulley and balls. except when I went to put the new balls in, they were to small.

So out comes the calipers, and the diff balls measure 2.35mm whereas the pulley hole measures 2.5mm, And I've emailed HB about it with no reply. And that was 2 and a half weeks ago. So, I have decided to try some 2.5 mm balls. and will keep you posted.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Trccc Stock Setup

Changes to normal setup:
2 degrees rear camber.
4.0 gear ratio = 89 spur & 54 tooth pinion
HB S compound tires.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cyclone S Tips: Speed. When you don't need it.

A stock motor which has high revs/rpms on a machine like the much-more motor master will most likely be useless on the track. The Motor will be likely to have very low torque, which means even though you are revving at 25,000 rpm, you will actually only getting 15,000 rpm when it is in your car because it has to push this heavy car around the track.

To race competitively in stock you need a motor with an in between of torque and rpm.
And motors which are supposed to be competitive on a motor machine when under no load are likely crap on the track.

Also, when a motor is geared in the 4.1-3.9 range, you tend to get it a little bit to hot. So be conservative with your gearing and if its a new motor, gear it below your normal ratio to see whether it needs that higher ratio.